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Upcoming in 2010

January 18th, 2010  |  Published in Events, News Updates

Coming up in 2010 are several events our Youth Chapter members might like to take note:

Hwa Chong Chinese New Year Mass Gathering (21/02/10)
Hwa Chong invites all past and current students in our family to join us for a Chinese New Year Mass Gathering on 21st February 2010. Catch the Hwa Chong Alumni Association choir and interesting performances by students and teachers from the school. See you at Cheng Yi Block at 10am for a day of good fun and food!


Tan Kah Kee Play (19/03/10 and 20/03/10)
In an effort to raise funds for Tan Leong Teck Foundation and Zhuang Sheng Chou Foundation, students and teachers from Hwa Chong Institution would be showcasing a play on Tan Kah Kee at the Victoria Concert Hall on the 19th and 20th March 2010. Tickets ($10, $20 and VIP) are available, please contact the Hwa Chong Alumni Association Secretariat at 64664180 to secure your tickets. Tickets are limited so don’t miss the great performance and grab your tickets now!


91st Founder’s Day Dinner (21/03/10)
The 91st Founder’s Day Dinner would be held on the 21st March 2010 at Kah Kee Hall. Tickets are priced at $50 per person. Reminisce those memorable Hwa Chong days and gather your fellow Hwa Chongian on this very day. Purchase of tickets by table is encouraged.

91 校庆晚宴

See you there!

Alumus Spotlight: Sea Games & Water Polo

January 17th, 2010  |  Published in Alumni Spotlight

Recently, the Youth Chapter caught up with alumnus Samuel Loh, 20, who was part of the Water Polo team which won a gold in the Sea Games.

Hi Samuel what are you currently doing?
Samuel: Right now? Haha I am really just doing nothing much and taking a break from training. Sea Games has just ended and I am leaving for studies real soon.

Alright so you are going overseas for further studies?
Samuel: Yeah I will be going Melbourne in February.

I see. Maybe we will find out more about the Sea Games from you. How was your training schedule before the games started and how did you cope with other commitments along the way?
Samuel: Training was everyday from Monday to Saturday. Luckily, I was in the army so I managed to get time off to train.

So how does it feel to be part of a team which has achieved such commendable results in the history of Sea Games?
Samuel: Haha it was definitely stressful at first but it was an exciting experience. Definitely feels good to be part of this history.

Alright let’s talk about your days in Hwa Chong. What are your most memorable times back then?
Samuel: I was in the Polo Team all the way and all my friends were from the team. Hence, most of my memories are from Polo too. The most memorable time would be my second year in college when we lost the finals.

So what actually motivates you in life and in Water Polo?
Samuel: Friends.

Any advices you would like to share with your juniors?
Samuel: Haha no I don’t think that I am in any position to give any advice. (On further questioning) Haha okay just have lots of fun, make lots of friends and study when you should. But mugging isn’t everything. For athletes who aspire to excel at the international level, just continue with the sports even after you have graduated from Hwa Chong.

Okay last question here. Any personal or favourite quotes which you live by and wanna share with everyone?
Samuel: One from Invictus, the movie you know? Goes something like, “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”