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Spike2010 Committee

July 23rd, 2010  |  Published in Events, News Updates

Spike2010 is a beach volleyball that aims to promote social cohesion through beach volleyball by strengthening community bonds. The event will be held on the 31st of July at Sentosa Tanjong Beach. It is jointly organised by Hwa Chong Alumni Association Youth Chapter (HCAAYC) as well as Siglap South CC Youth Executive Committee (YEC). It is also sanctioned by Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS).

Committee List

Name: Eunice Aw
Class: 08s60
CCA: Softball
Position in committee: Chairperson

Name: Ang Anying Adeline
Class: 08s73
CCA: Basketball
Position in committee: Marketing Director

Name: Tay Ruiqi
Class: 08s71
Position in committee: Sponsorship Director

Name: Lee Ying Xian
CCA: Volleyball
Position in committee: Finance director

Name: Lee Ting Wei
Class: 07s6S
CCA: Interact Club, CIP EXCO
Position in committee: Operations director

Name: Seraphina Chew
Class: NA (not from Hwa Chong)
CCA: Debates
Position in committee: Administrative officer cum secretary

Spike2010 – Updates

July 23rd, 2010  |  Published in Events, News Updates

Hey Hwachongians!

Feeling stressed about all the workload and tests coming up? Wanna take a break before diving back into all that work?

Here’s an event just for you – SPIKE2010!
SPIKE 2010 is a beach volleyball tournament held on the pristine sands of Tanjong Beach, on the 31st of July (Sat) from 8:30 am – 6:30 pm. This event is organised by Hwa Chong Alumni Association Youth Chapter, and we hope all HwaChongians can be part of this great event. So, form your teams with your fellow HwaChongians now!

There are 2 categories you can sign up for:
- Men’s Elite 2 on 2
- Mixed 4 on 4

If you want to battle best in the league, grab a partner and put your name down for the Men’s Elite 2 on 2. Here, elite players from all over the island gather to compete against one another for the title of Men’s Elite Champion. Be ready for some real action!

For the more recreational players who just want to enjoy beach volleyball for all it has to offer, don’t fret! We have just thing for you. Form a team of 4-6 players and join the 4 on 4 mixed category to enjoy beach volleyball with many matches!

Prizes are as follows:

Mixed 4 on 4
1st Prize: $600 plus vouchers
2nd Prize: $300 plus vouchers
3rd Prize: $200 plus vouchers

Men’s Elite 2 on 2
1st Prize: $250 plus vochers
2nd Prize : $150 plus vouchers

Registration closes on the 28th of July, so hurry form your teams and sign up at our blogsite!

or to our Facebook page.

Spike 2010 Committee